DanceMakers of Texas is Fort Worth's premier school for social and competition Ballroom Dancing, Latin Dancing, Salsa Dancing, Country 

Dancing, Swing Dancing, dance lessons and Wedding Choreography.  And you can't find a better place to partner dance socially!

Whether you want to prepare for your wedding, keep up at the clubs, or you dream of dancing like the celebrities on TV, you'll find 

DanceMakers a great place to learn and practice. From Salsa to Swing, Country Western to Tango, Latin to Ballroom, DanceMakers can get 

you looking and feeling great in no time.

Here's why...

System: Our fast and easy system gets you moving right away, even if you've never danced a step in your life! more about our Trophy system

Staff: We have the best trained staff in Fort Worth. We teach virtually all styles of partner dancing at the social and competition level. Or we 

can make you look like a star with show choreography! meet our staff

Facility: Our large facility features two teaching rooms and the largest grand ballroom of any dance studio in Fort Worth.

Reasonable rates: Compare prices and be pleasantly surprised! Our no-contract policy, variety of packages and youth rates make private 

lessons affordable. Hurry, we may raise our prices soon.

Students: The true secret to DanceMakers success is our extraordinary group of students. They make newcomers feel warm and welcome. 

You'll come for the New Student Special and never want to leave!